Virtual Tech Office Quick Start Guide 

Welcome to Pratt Photography and the Virtual Tech Office!

In order to begin utilizing our labs, equipment, and facilities please follow the steps below. Please note that these steps are required for all students at the beginning of each semester.

Step 1) Watch the Pratt Photography Virtual Tech Office Orientation Video here.

Step 2) Fill out and submit the Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement here.

Step 3) Review your lab access here and, if necessary, submit for additional access here.

Step 4) If you are enrolled in Large Format (PHOT-220), fill out and submit the Large Format Camera Kit Agreement here.

Step 5) Begin reserving equipment here and/or making lab appointments here.

Step 6) If needed, make a Tech 1 on 1 appointment here.

Step 7) Start making work!

In order to return to the home page, click the “Home” button in the menu or click here.