Reservations and Appointments

This page has quick links to make a reservation or appointment for any lab, space, or piece of equipment within the Photography Department.

In order to use any of the Photography Department’s labs, facilities, or equipment you must first agree to and submit the Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement. This form can be found at the link below.

Pratt Photography Department Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement

You must also have access to the lab you wish to make an appointment. To check on or submit for access, use the link below.

Pratt Photography Department Lab Fees and Access

Undergraduate Equipment Reservation Form
Graduate Equipment Reservation Form

Please note that only one appointment for a given activity can be made at a time. Once this session is complete, you may sign up for a second session for a total of up to 3 sessions per week. You may sign up for different activities simultaneously if needed. For example, you may simultaneously make an appointment for the lighting studio as well as a digital lab, but you cannot simultaneously make 2 digital lab appointments.

Faculty wishing to reserve an entire lab for their class may request this by filling out the room request form below.

Photography Department LL-ARC Additional Room Request - Spring 2023


24” Printers - Great for roll paper
A-06 - P7000 - Dolly
A-06 - P7570 - New

A-06 - Flextight 646

Computer Editing Station

17” Printers - Great for sheet paper
D-03 - P800 - Blanche
D-03 - P800 - Spike 
D-03 - P800 - Animal

24” Printers - Great for roll paper
D-03 - 7900 - Franklin
D-03 - 7570 - Buffy 

D-03 - Flextight X1

Computer Editing Station

24” Printers
E-08 - P7000 - Dottie
E-08 - P7000 - Ida
E-08 - 7570 - Petunia

44” Printers (For Roll Paper Only)
E-08 - 9900 - Sally
E-08 - P9000 - Charlie
E-08 - P9000 - Phillip 

E-08 - Flextight X1 #1
E-08 - Flextight X1 #2
E-08 - Film Capture Station*

*this equipment requires training, if you have not been shown by a faculty member how to use it in class, please make a Tech 1 on 1 before using.

Computer Editing Station
Mounting Press

Group B&W Darkroom
Enlarger Station
Film Processing
Tray Processing Room (4x5 or 8x10 sheet film only)

Appointments are not needed to utilize the film loading rooms.

You must be an MFA Photography student, enrolled in an MFA Photography course, or an MFA student who has received permission from the Photography Department to use this lab.

24” and 44” printers - Great for roll paper
D-07 Epson P9570
D-07 Epson P7000
D-07 Epson 7900

D-07 - Flextight/Versascan

Other Labs

Non-Silver Darkroom

Lighting Studio

Graduate Darkroom

You must be an MFA Photography student, enrolled in an MFA Photography course, or an MFA student who has received permission from the Photography Department to use this lab.

Individual Darkrooms are available by request. If you are interested in using an individual darkroom, please email the Tech Office.

Extending Appointments
If you find that you would like more than your allotted time, please find or email a technician before your time is up, and if there is no one scheduled right after you, we can extend your appointment as needed, on a case-by-case basis.  However, please do not assume we will always be able to accommodate your request.  You may not stay at your station past your appointment time slot unless you have received approval from a technician.

Canceling Appointments
If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, please just let us know as soon as possible, so that the time may be opened up to other students. You can cancel by either sending us an email at, or simply clicking “Click here to cancel this booking”, found at the bottom of your YouCanBookMe confirmation email.