Lighting Studio

Inside the Photography Department’s Lighting Studio we have Profoto lighting equipment, stands and dollies, as well as various colors of seamless backdrops. There are also iMac stations for tethered shooting, full frame digital cameras, pocket wizard sets, and hand held light meters. Please see below for a detailed list of what they feature and to make a reservation.

In order to use the Photography Department’s Lighting Studio you must first agree to and submit the Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement. This form can be found at the link below.

Pratt Photography Department Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement

In order to make a reservation for the lighting studio, please click the link below. From here you will be able to select the date and time period for your studio session. Lighting studio sessions are booked in 3 hour blocks and can be made between 2 weeks to 3 hour prior to your planned visit. Overnight sessions are not available this semester. Students may only sign up for 1 studio session at a time. Once you have finished this session, you may sign up for another with a limit of 3 sessions per week. After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email and you may come to the studio and utilize the equipment while following all Institutional and Departmental safety protocol. Keys may be picked up from the Tech Office window up to 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Upon completion of your session, keys must be returned via the key return slot outside of the Tech Office. For faculty wishing to reserve the Lighting Studio for in-person demonstrations that have not already done so, please utilize the contact form in the upper right hand corner (envelope symbol) or email stating the date and time you would like to reserve the studio

Please click here to make a reservation for the Lighting Studio.

Please note that only one reservation for a given activity can be made at a time. Once this session is complete, you may sign up for a second session for a totally of up to 3 sessions per week. You may sign up for different activities simultaneously if needed. For example, you may simultaneously make a reservation for the lighting studio as well as a digital lab, but you cannot simultaneously make 2 digital lab reservations.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be provided in all labs. Anyone using the labs will need to utilize hand sanitizer before and after your time in the studio, as well as wipe down the camera and case, grip accessories, and lights before and after your shoot. For on-camera individuals who cannot wear PPE during the shoot, a distance of 6 feet from other individuals must be maintained at all times and the time without a mask should be made as brief as possible. Gloves are available for use.

Description and Prerequisites

We are happy to introduce an upgrade to the Lighting Studio. During Fall 2020, we had a large, high quality curtain system installed in the studio. This can/will serve a number of purposes within the studio, however its primary function is that it now gives us the ability to separate the space so that there can be multiple shoots happening simultaneously and not interfering with each other.

By default, during open lab hours, the Lighting Studio will still be booked for only 1 person to use. However, as certain times of the semester get busy, please know that there is the potential for you to share the space with another student. That being said, we understand that some shoots work with sensitive subject matter, so if this is the case, there is an area on the reservation form to request to now share the space.

Also, please keep in mind that you can/should voluntarily share the studio if you would like. There is also a place on the reservation form to place the name of a second person you will be working with during your session.

Finally, you’ll see that some adjustments have been made to the placement and contents of each cabinet as well as an additional seamless paper area has been added. These changes have been made so that when the studio is partitioned each student can access what they need without disrupting the other.

Lighting Studio Features:
  • Lighting Studio Cabinets which contain:
        1 - Profoto D4 2400WS Power Pack
        3 - Profoto ProPlus Heads
        2 - Standard Reflectors
        1 - Zoom Reflector
        1 - Snoot
        1 - Beauty Dish with Grid
        1 - 5 degree honeycomb
        1 - 10 degree honeycomb
        1 - Sync Cable
        2 - Lowell Omni Hot Lights
        1 - Tripod
        1 - Nikon D600 camera with 50mm lens.
        1 - Pocketwizard Transceiver Set
        1 - Light Meter
        1 - High Voltage Sync Cable Adapter
  • 27” iMac tether stations
  • 3x4’ and 1x4’ Profoto Softboxes and 5’ Octa Softbox
  • Umbrellas, Flags, and V-Flats
  • C-stands, Super Booms, Magic Arms and misc grip
  • Neutral and color seamless backdrops

Seamless Color Options
107”Wide Rolls:

53”Wide Rolls:

You must be in or have taken PHOT-222 to use this lab.

Open Lab Hours
Monday: 7pm - 12am
Tuesday - Sunday: 9am - 12am

*all lab hours are subject to change*

For assistance please visit Technical Demonstrations or Technical Assistance.