We have a variety of darkrooms for analog photography practices. Our group B&W darkroom features enlargers for silver gelatin printing negatives from 35mm - 4x5in as well as film development and print finishing. We also have individual darkrooms with similar capabilities, and a non-silver darkroom with UV exposure units ranging from 11x14in - 20x24in. Our MFA darkroom is suitable for a variety of analog processes and has a drop table enlarger for mural printing. Please click the links to the labs below to see a detailed list of what they feature and to make a reservation.

In order to use the Photography Department’s darkrooms you must first agree to and submit the Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement. This form can be found at the link below.

Pratt Photography Department Equipment and Facilities Use Agreement 

A reservation is required in order to access any of the darkrooms within the Photography Department. In order to reserve time in a lab, visit the links to each lab below which describe what is in each lab and the prerequisites for making a reservation. It also contains a link to a booking form which will allow you to choose the date and time period you would like to reserve as well as choose which type of activity you will be doing in the lab (ex. Printing on an Omega Enlarger, or Developing Film). The amount of time reserved in the darkrooms varies from lab to lab and can be made between 2 weeks to 3 hours prior to your planned visit. Please see below for reservation times for each darkroom. After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email and you may come to the lab and utilize the equipment while following all Institutional and Departmental safety protocol. Please keep in mind, that in order to ensure all students have the opportunity to sign up, only one darkroom reservation can be made at a time for a particular appointment type (i.e. processing film, or printing). After this session is complete you may make another reservation up to 3 reservations/week.

Group B&W Darkroom
Individual Darkrooms
Non Silver Darkroom

Group B&W Darkroom : 3 hour blocks
Individual Darkrooms: 4 hour blocks
Non-Silver Darkroom: 2 hour blocks, may be booked 2 consecutively

Please note that only one reservation for a given activity can be made at a time. Once this session is complete, you may sign up for a second session for a totally of up to 3 sessions per week. You may sign up for different activities simultaneously if needed. For example, you may simultanesouly make a reservation for the lighting studio as well as a darkroom, but you cannot simultaneously make 2 darkroom reservations.

For faculty wishing to reserve an entire darkroom for face to face demonstrations that have not already done so, please utilize the contact form in the upper right hand corner (envelope symbol) or email techoffice@pratt.edu stating which lab you would like to reserve as well as the date and time. Please send your reservation requests no later than 2 weeks prior to the reservation date.

Darkroom Equipment Check Out
Students can check out darkroom equipment such as lenses and film developing tanks at the Tech Office window. In order to reduce frequent visits to this window for individual items, darkroom equipment kits for the type of activity you have signed up for will be available for you. For activities taking place in the group black and white darkroom these kits will be available from the Tech Office window. If you have reserved time in an individual darkroom, the MFA darkroom, or Non-Silver darkroom all necessary equipment will be ready in the room when you arrive for your appointment.

All common touch points in darkrooms such as enlargers, tongs, and grain focusers will be cleaned and disinfected by Photography staff on a regular schedule.

Along with this all common touch points at the station at which you worked must be wiped before and after your work session. This includes, but isn’t limited to, easels, grainfocusers, enlarger knobs, table top. Gloves should be worn while working within any darkroom space.

Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be provided in each lab. Anyone using the labs will need to utilize hand sanitizer before and after your time in the lab. Darkroom equipment that has been checked out from the Tech Office window should be cleaned with disinfectant wipes after each use.