D-07 Graduate Digital Lab

Features and Prerequisites
The D-07 digital lab features:
  • 27” iMac computers with second NEC monitor
  • 8.5x11” Epson flatbed scanner
  • Flextight X1 scanner
  • VersaScan 2550 flatbed scanner
  • 24” Epson 7900 printer
  • 24” Epson P7000 printer
  • 44” Epson P9570 printer
  • Small calibrated print viewing booth

You must be a graduate Photography student, enrolled in a graduate Photography course, or a graduate student who has received permission from the Photography Department to use this lab.

Open Lab Hours

Please note Photography Technical Staff are present 9:00am - 4:00pm during Summer 2024.

Choose from the list below to make an appointment in D-07.

D-07 - Epson P9570
D-07 - Epson P7000
D-07 - Epson 7900
D-07 - Flextight/Versascan

For assistance please visit Technical Demonstrations or Virtual Tech Assistance.

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