Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols

All Photography Department spaces and activities are following the guidelines set forth by Pratt Institute’s Health and Safety Guidelines section of the Back to Pratt webpage found here. It is required that all students, faculty, and staff familiarize themselves with these guidelines as well as read thoroughly, sign, and agree to the appropriate social contracts distributed by Pratt Institute found here.

In addition to the guidelines set forth by the Institute, the Photography Department is taking significant measures to ensure the health and safety of all those utilizing our labs and facilities. These measures are outlined below.

De-densification, Social Distancing, and PPE
In order to closely monitor the density throughout the labs and facilities within the Photography Department most activities will require online reservation prior to students entering the labs or utilizing any equipment. This will allow Photography Department staff to ensure that capacities of any given space are not exceeded as well as allow time for regular cleaning of surfaces between uses. For details regarding capacities as well as health and safety protocol for specific spaces and activities please visit the following links:

Digital Labs
Lighting Studio
Non-Lab Spaces 

Along with monitoring space density through reservations, it is expected that anyone utilizing a Photography Department space adheres to the appropriate social distancing guidelines of not being closer than 6 feet from another individual. In order to facilitate this, we have adjusted the physical environment of each of our labs so that no activity happens within a 6 foot range of any other.

In accordance with the health and safety guidelines set forth by Pratt Institute, it is required that all individuals utilizing Photography Department spaces must wear PPE including, but not limited to, appropriate face coverings. If appropriate PPE is not worn when visiting the Photography Department facilities, access and service will be denied.

Fall 2020 Photography Department Room Capacities
  • Group B&W Darkrooms (rooms A-04 and A-04A, access through B-07): 9 during open lab, 7 for face to face in class demonstrations. Please click here for details. 
  • A-06 Digital Lab (room A-06): 8
  • Individual Darkrooms (rooms B-07.1 - B-07.11): 1 in each room
  • Non-Silver Darkroom (room C-03): 2 during open lab, 5 for face to face in class demonstration
  • C-04 Classroom (room C-04):  7
  • C-05 MFA Darkroom: 1 during open lab, 2 for face to face demonstration
  • C-06 Classroom (room C-06): 7
  • D-03 Digital Lab (room D-03): 8
  • D-07 Digital Lab (room D-07): 5
  • E-04 Seminar Room (room E-04): 7
  • E-06 Classroom (room E-06): 7
  • E-08 Digital Lab (room E-08): 9
  • F-01 Classroom (room F-01): 7
  • F-03 Classroom (room F-03): 7
  • Lighting Studio (room G-06): 3 during open lab, 5 for face to face in class demonstration
  • Assistant Chair’s Office (room G-07): 3
  • Part-time Faculty Office (room G-10): 3
  • Chair’s Office (room G-12): 3
  • All other administrative offices: 2

Lower Level ARC Air Flow
The Photography Department has been in communication with Chief Facilities Officer Christopher Gavlick regarding building air flow concerns related to the lower ARC. There are a number of measures that have been taken to address this including increased air flow and installation of high density filtration. For a full outline of what measures have been taken to address airflow on campus, please see the Back to Pratt FAQ here.

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